21 October 2014

Hyper-Liberal Daily Kos:
'Obvious' that 'Republicans are Going to Win
-and They're Going to Win BIG'

+50 GOP seats in the House - 'Armageddon' in the Senate

A demoralized contributor to the Daily Kos has laid-out the cold, hard truth for any residual hopenchangey-types out there harboring dreams of Obama's ceaseless fundraising somehow riding in and saving-the-day... 

20 October 2014

POLL: The Only Thing Chicagoans HATE More than Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the Green Bay Packers (!)

The campaign of a Democratic challenger to former-Obama-WH-Chief-of-Staff (and incumbent Chicago mayor) Rahm Emanuel -Chicago Alderman
Bob Fioretti- commissioned a poll this month to kick off his 2015 Chicago mayoral campaign... 

Current Global Ebola Outbreak Traced Back to
2-y.o. Child Fed Infected Bat-Meat in Guinea…


18 October 2014

Obama Claims 'Experts' Told Him 'What We're Doing' is FAR More Effective than Any Africa Travel Ban

First Dear Leader told us we couldn't ban travel from east African nations with Ebola victims lying rotting in the streets because it would 'hamper aid efforts'... like the United States of America doesn't have an Air Force or anything-

16 October 2014

Snowmobile/Motorcyle Maker Polaris + NASCAR Tech
= Cutting Edge Special-Ops Vehicle 'DRAGOR'

Apparently getting out of the jet-ski business opened up far greener pastures in the high-tech, 21st-century military vehicle market for Minnesota-based snowmobile/ATV/electric vehicle manufacturer Polaris (who also produce Victory and Indian big bikes through their motorcycle subsidiary)...

15 October 2014

AVERAGE WHITE BAND: 'Schoolboy Crush' - 1976

Dedicated to Adrienne~
(because I know she digs it):
Average White band video Schoolboy Crush