31 May 2016

Rubio's Downfall- 'His About-Face
on Trump is INEXCUSABLE'

I once hoped Marco Rubio represented the future of the Republican party, and more important, American conservatism. Now, after his puerile behavior and increasingly vocal — if not slavish or unqualified — support for
Donald Trump, that hope is dashed. 

I didn’t ignore others’ misgivings about his lack of experience, though arguably it rivaled Ted Cruz’s. I was and am still willing to forgive him for his role in the Gang of Eight; I support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and recognize that Rubio was never actually for 'open borders.' 

But now I admit that those who warned about his poor judgment and apparent opportunism seem to have identified persistent flaws that led to his downfall...

30 May 2016

My Official 2016 Endorsement...

Top Trump Aide Paul Manafort
Led the ‘Torturers’ Lobby’

Paul Manafort and the partners at his firm made a fortune 
repping some of the most despicable dictators of the 20th century

Daily Beast:
Over the course of a long lobbying career in D.C., top Trump aide Paul Manafort and his firm made a fortune fronting for a group of clients once referred to as the 'torturers’ lobby.'

So when Manafort accused opponent Ted Cruz of using 'gestapo tactics' to court Republican delegates on Meet the Press this past Sunday—it’s something he may have quite a bit of experience with firsthand. 

Manafort was a principal at the lobbying firm Black, Manafort, Stone, and Kelly (along with another top Trump ally, Nixon alum Roger Stone), a K Street powerhouse with close ties to the Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations, as well as top Republicans on Capitol Hill. 

But over the years, they made millions by representing a rogue’s gallery of clients far away from D.C.’s genteel corridors of power: dictators, guerilla groups, and despots with no regard for human rights—including one man responsible for mass amputations, and another who oversaw
state-sanctioned rape...

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Happy Memorial Day 2016

Late for the parade

29 May 2016


Republicans Stunned As Trump Reveals
His Presidential Campaign Is BROKE

Jason Easly @PoliticusUSA
When Donald Trump told Republicans that his campaign had money,
it was a lie. In meeting with Senate Republicans, Trump's campaign privately admitted that they have no money and will not be able to run television ads until after the GOP convention in July...

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28 May 2016

Clueless Trumpkins Can't Tell Difference
Between Trump & Hillary Quotes (video)