06 February 2016


05 February 2016

New Hampshire UNION-LEADER:
'Trump Campaign Insults NH Voters' Intelligence'

'Trump has shown himself to be a crude blowhard 
with no clear political philosophy...'

By Joseph M McQuaid:

Donald Trump is due in New Hampshire this evening. He will attract a large crowd. The crowds, the media coverage, and the polls have led him and some pundits to believe that he will win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

That is an insult to the intelligence of Republican voters. Beginning right here in New Hampshire on Feb. 9, a great majority of them will disabuse him of that notion...

WILL: 'Super Tuesday... It's Going to Take Staying Power and $tuff in the Bank... Cruz has Both'

Never thought I'd hear anything nice about Ted Cruz from him... 
at least one establishment guy hates Trump more than Cruz:

TGIF 'toons

04 February 2016

German University President:
MANDATORY Arabic for ALL German Schoolchildren

I though Merkel said they were going back... 
or was that just more of her relentless B.S.

New Hampshire Polls Historically Volatile in the Week Prior, Double-Digit Swings Not Uncommon

WBUR - NPR Boston:
If the primary were held today, the polls point to comfortable wins
by Sanders and Trump.

But it’s far from over, and Monday night’s results in Iowa seem to have introduced more uncertainty. Trump’s surprise loss in Iowa certainly dents his image of constant triumph, and leaves the door open for any number of last minute shifts. 

It’s happened before. In 2004, John Kerry went from 11 points down to
9 points up in just a week and won by 12. 

John McCain zoomed ahead at the last minute in 2008, echoing a similar burst in the 2000 cycle. 

And after months of holding a lead in the polls over Barack Obama,
Hillary Clinton saw Obama appear to surge past her, though she eked out a
3-point win in the end. 

So fasten your seat belts for the final plunge. It’s not over yet. 

Iowa casts doubt on Trump supporters’ reliability: For months now, Donald Trump has been pulling thousands of people out to rallies all across the early states. But throughout the cycle, his supporters have been those that the polls and models suggest are least likely to vote. 

So the persistent question is whether, when the time came to vote, Trump’s voters would actually show up in the numbers projected in the polls. Monday night’s Iowa results suggest his numbers may be less than solid. It’s hard to say for sure whether Iowa is predictive, since the caucuses have a history in recent years of propelling very conservative candidates to surprise victories. 

So Iowa may be an outlier and Trump may recover. But the Trump camp
will take no comfort
from the fact they lost a state where nearly all of the
late polls showed him ahead... 

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TRUMP PLUNGES 9 POINTS in New National Poll:
Trump 25%, Cruz 21%, Rubio 21%

more >>>                                      h/t Doug Ross

Where were Trump's 'Leadership Skills' in Iowa?
All I Saw was a Poorly-Managed, Ego-Driven Mess

When you're battling for something as important as the US presidency
-and you've got financial resources and a lengthy record of success launching new ventures into the business and entertainment spheres- most observers would surely expect to see a guy like Donald Trump roll into Iowa with a polished, professional organization based on sound principles of
what's worked in the past... as conservative politics 
-and most
sound business decisions- are grounded in.

I know that's what I thought we'd be seeing...