20 December 2014

It's a MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD World...

18 December 2014

Finally Got My Christmas Lights Up...

h/t Stevo

Obama's Bumbling, Stumbling America Loses its
First Cyber War to a Hotel Room Full of Nork Kids

As Newt Gingrich noted yesterday, the surrender by Sony Pictures to a shadowy group of North Korean hackers has set a chilling precedent...
just wait 'til they grab hold of one of our nuclear plants
(like the Israelis already did  to Iran)...

17 December 2014

Hump-Day/Holiday Humor

16 December 2014

15 December 2014

Tanking Oil Prices have Putin's Russia
'on the Verge of Economic Ruin'

Oil arguably brought an end to the old Soviet Union and once again the price of crude is proving to be a curse for the Kremlin. The precipitous drop in oil prices recently has left Vladimir Putin’s Russia on the edge of economic ruin. 

The Kremlin has warned of a severe slowdown next year, with the economy entering a technical recession in the first quarter. 

The year started badly for Russia after the Ukraine crisis boiled over and triggered capital flight and tough economic sanctions. Now a collapse in oil prices – down 45% since June – has become primary cause of Russian pain. 

'This just looks ugly, period,' said Jonathan Anderson, of Emerging Advisors, in a recent note to clients. Jacob Nell, of Morgan Stanley, said: 'Since oil and gas account for 67% of Russia’s exports and 50% of federal budget revenues, oil prices drive the country’s economic cycle'...